Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get a Pilot's License?

A: That's a very common question.  However, the answer is not as common.  That's like asking what will my grade average be when I complete my college degree?  It completely depends on you!  It's legally required to have a minimum of 40 hours (According to FAR 61.109) to get a private pilot license.  However, I've known some pilots to get their license in 42 hours while others would take 142 hours.  It's all on how well the pilot retains the information given by the instructor and how much the student pilot takes the initiative to learn on their own.  For example, I got my first license at 45 hours because I did more research and watched more YouTube videos (all free sources by the way) all on my own.  I paid for 15 hours of ground instruction from my instructor but put in over 40 hours of my own (free) from my own research and studying!

Those who don't self-study or use their own initiative by taking advantage of the extra resources that we are submerged in (which I stress constantly), will end up spending more hours in the airplane which costs them more $$$.  For those who do take advantage of the plethora of information, they are given from their flight instructor, self-study, and practice what they've been taught... those are the student pilots who get their licenses much quicker and pay less $$$!

So to answer the question, it completely depends on you!  If we have the capability to move mountains out of our way to get what we want, build towering buildings that touch the clouds, build vessels that can cross oceans...getting a pilot's license should be easy!  We just have to realize we can do it, and act upon it!


Q:  Am I paying too much for online ground courses?

A: That's a great question! Ground instruction can range anywhere from $800-$1300 with an hourly rate of $80 for an instructor. In 10 years of experience in teaching as well as the average for other flights schools Ty Jones (the founder of this company) discovered at least 10 ground lessons is the average for most pilot ratings. Even more than 10 ground lessons may be required for Part 141 schools. 


After doing a little math, the average student would be charged $800 minimally very easily depending on the type of license or rating, and that's if there are no remedial lessons (which is rare).


Even if the hourly rate is lower, the grand total still quickly add up not including any repeat ground lessons!


Aeronerd Aviation gives high-quality ground instruction that has helped students pass their check rides for years. In fact, Aeronerd Aviation’s syllabus has a 100% check ride pass rate which the online courses are built off from!  The online ground school is a series of instructional videos Ty Jones put together both on the ground and in the air which can be watched and rewatched as many times as you like!  These online course videos can be utilized for flight school prep, FAA written test prep, and/or check ride prep.