Why Aeronerd Aviation?

To have fun, save money, and retain what you learn all at the same time! Other online courses and ground school at your local flight institutions will charge you more than what is offered here at Aeronerd Aviation!

Paying an actual flight Instructor to sit down and explain the same subjects that are covered in this course can be very costly very quickly, and you will be left with spending much more than you should for the same education. Our mission statement for Aeronerd Aviation is that “we don’t care about profits; we only care about putting great pilots in the sky”. We strive everyday to better the aviation community by creating aviation education that is fun, retainable, and affordable for everyone! These courses have been put together from years of teaching and

flying thousands of flight hours dual given by the certified flight instructor and founder of the company Ty Jones.

Choosing Aeronerd Aviation’s Courses, you’ll be able to:

-  Access Your Course(s) from Anywhere!

-  Life time Access and Free Updates!

-  Printer Friendly Documents and Checklists!