Private Pilot (eCourse)

Private Pilot (eCourse)

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Aeronerd Aviations Online Ground Courses and Test Prep study use an affordable, engaging, and fun style of learning for both new and seasoned aviators. In fact, 100% of the customers that have used Aeronerd Aviation online courses have passed their FAA exams 1st time!

What you Learn:

Aeronerd Aviation will provide you everything you will need that the FAA expects you to know and more for the respective rating you are studying for.

Private Pilot Full Course Covers:

Aeronautical Decision Making
Preflight Preparation
Radio Communications
Cross-Country Planning
Traffic Patterns
Sectional Charts
Aviation Weather
Flight Instruments
Aircraft Systems
Radar Services
Aircraft Performance
Federal Aviation Regulations
Advisory Circulars
Chart Supplement
Weight and Balance
E6B usage
Aerial Maneuvers
Ground Reference Maneuvers
Take-off and Landings
Emergency Scenarios
Night Flying
Spin Awareness
Human Factors
Airport Signs and Markings
Postflight Operations
FAA Written Test Prep

And more.